Feeling Better…

Well, glad I got that out of my system. I feel much better, even though it took most of the day to get there… That is the problem with us guys, we are in the same blasted mood for a quite a long time. Slow to change… well maybe. 😉

Anyhow, I am just catching up on a few webcomics and maybe a few episodes of BOFH (my favorite system admin. stories). Still waiting for my friend to make me a copy of one of my DVDs… he is taking so long. He told me to call him yesterday, but wasn’t there… same thing today. How am I supposed to pick up my stuff from him? Sigh… one day someone has to event a Trekkish replicator device… would speed up things.

Kat has disappeared again. I think I will have to get her an award for most stealthy high-speed irc netizen. Then again, she never stops to amaze me. 😉

Survived! Living the Life of a Crab.

Phew! Survived both my exams! Actually did better than I thought I would on the data structures, while the systems programming one was harder than I imagined it to be. Now, if only these results will lead to me passing the data structures course. Anyhow, two weights off my shoulder.

So my “summer” has begun. Most of my time is spend at home… (told you my life could be boring) …dealing with house work. Basically I have become a drone again. 🙁 Also, sometimes it seems that my parents are not even really appreciative of my work. Well I guess I just have to make sure everything is neat, tidy, and done before anyone notices. Naturally that leads to me scurrying around like a little cleaner crab. If only I could as inconspicuous as one. Then I could avoid being noticed, and getting shouted at for being lazy. I am probably exaggerating greatly here. But, hey this is just a blog, and not necessarily reality.

Feeling, sort of isolated with the rest of the world. Everyone else is probably studying still, or partying… or off to work. Really miss being offline, and not having a chance to chat with Kat, or Dima. Sigh… I am a bit of an isolationist, but I hate being lonely. Go figure. Not much has been going on in my sphere of influence on the web. Ah where are you Kat? I miss you. Sorry about not seeing you after the exams, I somehow missed you leaving the room…

Anyhow, I am experiencing happiness of surviving the sandstorm of data structures, but the sadness of standing alone. Strange but often feeling for me… crap, why am I ranting like some depressed maniac???