Another Half-Day

Most of the day I slept through. And when I woke up it didn’t get any better. House work and almost complete sanctions on computing devices. Feel so left out from the rest of the world. Life. Bother. Everyone seems pissed off at me. Wish I had my own house.

Hoping to get my Palm fixed soon. Well… until then I will write on it.

Silent Running

Sorry for not writing sooner… The excuse is the overused “I didn’t have time to…”. That of course is not the real reason. While physical exhaustion is a factor, it was really because I was angry and upset. I find that writing comments in such a states often just makes things substantially worse.

However I will not be writing blogs as often as I would like to. This is because I am writing a novel nowadays. So I will concentrate on that for a while.

As for news, my Dad finally got a cellphone. I finally got a high speed broadband Internet connection and an excellent router to go with it. Yummy emerges from home. And Mom finally got a multifunctional printer, scanner and copier. And it looks more robust than the last one. So now I got a new (old tabletop one) scanner.

Met this guy Bart who is my age and goes to Waterloo University. He is studying Software Engineering and seems pretty cool. We talked and played three rounds of Legends. Naturally my Dad is giving me trouble about this. And all my explanations are inadequate for him. And now the laptop confescations and the “why do you have any non-educational games installed” are beginning anew. Sigh…

Dog-Tired Day

Well hell did come to tea today. I was so tired at work that it was ridiculous. Tired like a dog. Fortunately I got to work on a good machine and a slow product. Managed to survive, barely. Almost finished with my backlog of blogs. Yay! Couldn’t find my glasses so I had to use some older ones. Ouch!

Got back home and crashed into bed. I later got up just to make food.

All are Accounted For

Got up and hit the ground running. Again. This time thanks to my lovely younger brother and way of staying up late. Had to help (read as: do for) him with a science project which he had due today, and six months to do but started a week ago with the only real progress two days ago. Needless to say I had to perform a minor miracle. And even had time to compose two ‘songs’ yesterday.

So work started off slow and tired. Fortunately that wore off later on with the help of a coffee and two cokes. Still its a pain. Anyhow I survived without too trouble.

To my complete and total surprise when I returned from work; I found a large group of people outside my house on or near my front porch. They turned out to be the family of my Mom’s friend, Mrs. Jakie Rollo’s friends. They were from Massachusetts and were involved with (St.) Michaels society. Anyhow they stayed at my house for awhile, invited me to a barbecue at Mrs. Rollo’s house (yummy salmon) and chatted about religion, economy, social credit, cars, aircraft simulators, & the rest of the universe. Interesting folks.

Went home and got to sleep late. Again. Tomorrow hell will come..

Birthday! Yay!

Well there we go, 22 years old today. Sigh… don’t know whether to smile, laugh, cry or sigh. Pleasant and bitter memories mixed with sweet and fearful dreams of the future. All I can I say is that has been exhausting. House chores, flooded basement, work, brother’s projects, and so on have kept me on my feet.

Even today isn’t all that great. Rain, listening to Mom (apparently her nerves in her hand are badly damaged) moarn her hand, and general tiredness… Oh well, tomorrow is another day… hope the future is brighter.


Another day at work. Sweat. Tiring work. Exhaustion. My only relief are the paycheck and that my normally temperamental machine functioned well, nay, flawlessly. Almost no sleep takes its toll. Damn hot humid weather.

Met a few new students… actually, they attended the same high school as me. Managed to talk to Kat from work. She seems nice enough… but I am not in the mood. Not interested in girls nowadays… nope… I think I’ll bury myself in my personal projects for awhile.

Started reading Creation Rediscovered, after a long hiatus. Figured might as well let God into my life. Can’t hurt. Might as well give Him a chance.

Great news! Finally paid off my university debt. Now I owe no one (except OSAP) anything. Have to save up for next year…

My 22nd birthday is coming up. I feel old and worn. Nothing cheers me up anymore… sigh…

Going to sleep in the basement now… maybe I will get some rest tonight. So tired.

Note: No luck. Prefer a soft bed with a soft, ambient light in warm room to a hard cot in the middle of a cool, dark basement.

The Long Dark Night Ahead

There you go! Four hours of sleep, two upgrades and one assignment (Martin’s french work) later… and I am at work. Today I upgraded both Acrobat for Palm OS and Documents to Go which made the files on the expansion card visible again. Had to register and re-register to get the update… bummer.

My headphones are dead so no music. Good news is that I owe university only $100. Still I have so little on my account and need to pay my Dad for the SD card.

I might catch up on some earlier blogs l missed. However I am too tired at the moment. Night all.

Silence Revisited

Well I am up for another gorgeous work night. Was so humid and warm today that I could only sleep for 5 hours today. Parents and brother have gone today to one of my brother’s folk dance performances, so the house is quiet today. Doesn’t even feel like a weekend day. The highlight of today was an episode of Stargate. Not a very exciting one mind you… Lets hope this night will be a short one.

Anyhow I will get to work on my novel writing.

Another Short Day

Sigh… another work night. Nothing much happened other than me packing for work and parents bickering at each other again. Updated the Palm using Neophyte. The Documents 2 Go application is still screwing up. Got to work on T-13 tonight which promptly went self-aware. The rest of the night should be interesting.

I think I will name my PDA, ONS Persistence.

Return of the Blogging Machine

Well I am back… Sorry for the absence, just that things have been abit hectic recently. Life is returning to normality as I get settled into my work schedule. Most of the time I am either plagued by sheer exhaustion or scrambling for time. This adjustment along with the slow, sinking realization of who I am and what I want to be. Everything is slowly snapping into place, painfully. Including my relationship with Kat. I just have to adjust to this slow, excruciating ballet. Make that a ballet on razor sharp needles in a heavy rainstorm.

Anyway, I am holding myself pretty well. I wish I could say the same with my Palm. Apparently Documents to Go refuses to see my work on the expansion card. *chuckles* My Palm causes a bit of discussion at work. People think I use it for gaming… I tried once unsuccessfully emulating SNES and GB games. I guess I have to write up some of my own.

Got up late but I hit the ground running so to speak. Did laundry, lunch and dinner. Also I managed to update Neophyte (my family’s main computer) at the cost of not doing gardening. Mom was naturally thrilled… Anyways tonight is the beginning of this month’s Nocturnal Trio of Hell. Wonder if I will survive Sunday night.