Last Work Night Week

Yay!!! My last week of nights begins today. Wow this summer did go by fairly fast. And unproductively (on the part of my pet projects). But that is about to change.

As for house work today: washed dishes, dug a frozen dinner out of the freezer, and cut the hedge (really proud of that last one). Anyways, I also finished up all the blogs that I missed out on. So go ahead and read through the archive. If you dare.

I plan to get some justCheckers, Insomia, Palm programming and writing work done. But I don’t know in which order. I guess I will work on that sci-fi novel I started recently, xNihlo. It is a mix of my short stories, and a story of a Terran inflitration officer on board one of the deep sea trinit-ships looking for an Neurocis saboteur at work. The whole story will takes place in the far future after the Great Soliation (whats that you say?) in the strange sea world inbetween the ice sheet and unforgiving depths of an ice giant, Trinik Prime. (Got your attention yet? Good!)

A Quick Glance of Recent Events

A number of things have happened that I have neglected to mention. So here is a quick rundown:

My brother has been away at scout camp for the past 3 weeks. While he did have fun there, he also had to endure some ridiculous conditions, and messed-up leaders. I in his shoes would of bailed out as soon as I could, or protest violently. But he stuck it out. I can’t figure out why, especially since he ate very little (cause the hair-brained cooks couldn’t and wouldn’t serve his special diet foods, even thought everything was prepared in advance) and slept in awful tents, etc. Anyways he is back, and he hopes to go back there next year…

Another thing was an accident at work I had. I cut my elbow with my utility knife in an ugly fashion, and had to get stitches. Not fun. Especially not the tetanus booster shot I got. The nurse jabbed me so hard, that my shoulder and upper left arm were sore for the next three days.

Dmitri moved to a new house, so now walking to his house is no longer an option. Ewa decided to go on vacation to New York with her boyfriend, Lucas. Yes I am jealous. Domenic is off to Michigan to attend one of his college friend’s weddings. Katka is somewhere in Slovenia. Still. Rudy is working and taking a few courses. Lucky bastard. Oh and Mike Hart when not working with me at CKF, he is out partying the living daylights out of… whatever it is. And me. Well I am blogging. So that means I am home, deluded and the highlights of my day being time in front of the computer. Pathetic.

Anyways, I also went with my folks for a walk in the woods today. Mom enjoyed it. So did my brother. Me and my Dad tested positive for mosquito affinity… and counted 45 bites each… wished we stayed home. Now I am covered in red little itchy bumps. Its a Canadian thing.

Good news is that I am caught up with my blogs. So I will try to be from now on up-to-date in that section. And I filled out my OSAP application. Finally. Oh and I got sound working in Quake 3 under Linux. Yes!!! Not to mention, yesterday I kicked Rudy’s sorry ass in a round of Legends. Hehe… got you at last. 🙂

Reality Shifting

Well I am back, after a long delay. Work has finally enveloped my entire life. There are only work, and rest cycles. The slow, dive into the abyss of automaton (drone) life continues. Everyday, I seem to care less and less about my fate. So gradual… I feel oblivious to everything. I loathe this feeling.

I have not written a blog in a while. Most of my friends are out working, moving, on vacation… so no one really has any real time for me. Except Dima, but he is moving… so the weekly walks might also become rarer. Now none of my friends will be living anywhere near me. This is most distressing and upsetting. My only saving grace is the slow process of writing of story. And I mean slow.

I plan to get my other previous non-posted blogs up soon. Maybe very soon.

Happy Birthday Canada

What a day. Dead tired and had to bake some stuff for my brother’s trip tomorrow. Later got some sleep and I am ready for work. Yay! And on Canada Day. And such a beautiful day too.

Discussed my current writing project with Dmitri yesterday. Now I am confident about this novel. Should be good.