The Shingle Crab Cometh?!?

The universe saved. Again. But children beware!!! The shingle crab has come, and he is going to eat you unless you help pay his university tuition. Yes, today was another day in the re-roofing saga. Mostly I hopped around the heap of old singles we had pulled off yesterday. This was apparently an interesting sight of me in my green fishermen hat, black shades and a blue/white mold mask on my face. I guess the mold mask really was the oddity, but hey, its ragweed season again. The last thing I want to do is to inhale litres of air filled to the brim with pollen, mold and dustified shingles. Anyways I hopped around the pile like some sort of a humanoid crab, and gained the stares of a few children and teens passing by. Normally I get my share of anonymity [sic] and no attention. Hence, I became the shingle crab from outer space. 😉

Re-roofing is going at a good pace. We cleaned up and boxed all the shingles, and have made 5 trips to the local CRC (dump). Probably only 2 more visits are needed. My Dad only has to replace the window sides, and add a bit of ice protection to the windows. Tomorrow he will probably get to putting up shingles… I hope, and if I have anything to do with it.

As for life, nothing much is happening. I have been fighting with Slackware to install it unto my ancient computer. After an exhaustive battle, I decided with going along with muLinux. It maybe a mini-Linux but it is pretty much everything I am going to need, (workstation, X11, GCC, Perl, Tex, JVM). Then I can get around to writing my epic, which I am calling Solation One until I come with a better name.

I hope that once this roof is done, and everything for school is prepared I can get around to rebuilding my non-existent, shattered social life.

Out of the Abyss and into the Clouds Again

Hello, hello again, dear reader and fellow blog-journeyer. Finally had the heart to write an entry again. The last few days since the last entry and this one, I had a bout of depression arising from an all time low self-esteem and self-worth. Today, when I got up to work today I thought today would be the same old low. But no. I got up late, but not tired and with a full reserve of energy. Didn’t really need my customary early morning French Vanilla coffee. But hey, it is customary.

Work itself was exasperating as always. My machine ran OK except for one place where the material would fold up… and everything would die in the messiest way. The lead hand, Malkait tried to fix it. But the machine had its day, and the lead hand got on my nerves. Again. He is a really nice guy, but an utter fool and has the perpetual illusion that his way is always right. I play along since I really don’t care about work, and am not in the mood to stir up problems. Beside I got to finish earlier since I ran out of material. Hey! Who’s your daddy now, T-3?

I have only three more days left of work. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday and then… freedom 22!!! Now that in itself isn’t would seemed to end the vicious cycle of defeatism. I started to write up that novel I was talking about. I don’t have a title for it yet, but who cares when I actually have a plot, characters and everything else falling into place. This is really exciting, and maybe I will add a bit more content later on Today after I get ready for work tomorrow.

Another success was that my Dad fixed my Palm yesterday, so today I had my precious music. Yay! To top it all off, I actually can keep up my hackey-sack for more than four hits. In fact, I feel like I have been better today, than ever. Now only exhaustion is holding me back, as I got a hold on the technique and the rhythm of the game. I am exhilarated by all of this. I hope tomorrow will be just as good as today. (Maybe I should ask out Kat today, since today seems like my lucky day. Or am I just pushing things again?)