Article A2 Done

Relief! I managed to edit that article that kept on bugging me all weekend. The article deals with a brief introduction to quantum mechanics. I managed to bring it down to a 5 page rather then a rambling 10 page one.

That leaves me with 5 more articles to write and edit for my professional writing course. A warning to future science writing students, find a topic that does not require a full gigantic explanation. I did my entire project on quantum computation. And yes, explaining quantum computation to a bunch of university level non-scientist, while keeping the entire thing flowing and entertaining… well I found it challenging.

Anyways, I sometimes wonder if I should not become a writer after all. Maybe it will be easier to get bread on the table then a programmer. Shocking.

Sleepless Night

I meet with my good friend Dima today. While the meeting itself, was nothing new, it sort of got me thinking. Maybe my envy speaks here, since he has a nice house, car, girlfriend and finishes school this semester. I have one more semester to slave through. Yes, Sara was there too.  What got me thinking, is sometimes I feel mature. Other days, like today I feel like nothing more than a 23 year old immature kid. I don’t know how much of my current life I can attribute to luck, conditions or my inactivity.

Needless to say, I did not meet up with Amanda this weekend. Judging by the number of assignments I have and papers she needs to write, I doubt anything will come of my “dating”. Hardly dating, other than a few casual meetings. No other girl currently holds my attention, or seems interested in the slightest. Its not that I feel today, as I used to in the past. Its just that I feel kind of left out.

I can not sleep right now. Too anxious about my assignments. Another 6 due a week type of deal. I can hardly wait for this semester to end, the final assignment submitted. I understand the material well. I just am un-inclined to write the papers.

Better work a bit, before my brain demands sleep.