A Day in the Life of Dorian for 2009-12-17

  • #justCheckers quite the response for developers. More than I can manage actually. #
  • Ugh. It seems everyone who deals with tech, says that word. Different underlying reasons, but its all about “why does this tech not work?!?” #
  • And not work as in not work as advertised. #
  • Done responding to all potential #justCheckers devs. Thanks #dplatonoff for the patch test idea. Gonna implement it in #justCheckers. 🙂 #
  • @jonobacon Just finished reading The Art of Community. One word: brilliant. And thanks for ideas and solutions I can use in my own projects. #
  • OK, I think the stage is set for restarting #justCheckers development. Plan on picking a core dev team from the best contributers. #

Developers, Developers, Developers @ justCheckers

Looks like my recent cry for help with the justCheckers project, was heeded.  I got about 12 responses, and now I’m in the process of picking the core development team.  The developer mailing list is up and functional.   And thanks to Dmitry Platonoff, who I used to work with, gave me a helpful hint to maintaining my sanity.  While I’d like to get as many developers working on the project as possible, I want to be able to coordinate things in a manageable manner.  Also I’m really picky when it comes to code quality.  So I think I will let people submit patches for now, before I start handing out commit access.  Still I’m impressed with the progress.