Dents for 2010-07-28

A Day in the Life of Dorian for 2010-07-27

  • Can’t sleep for some reason. Time to catch up on a few things. #
  • Oof! Not sleeping is not the best tactic to catch up. Today I really appreciate the wonderful invention that is coffee. #
  • Buried alive by my email and Facebook. This is what happens when your schedule is not your own… #

A Day in the Life of Dorian for 2010-07-15

  • You know you are an organization freak when… you bust out a banker box, buy a ton of file folders and start filing ALL your records. #
  • For the record, Jono and Aq, I’m devasted to hear the end of the #shotofjaq. 🙁 Now what will I listen to? Thanks for the awesome run! 🙂 #
  • Note to self: Getting rid of passwords on PDFs: #
  • And so it begins. Time to take out some TODO lists. #
  • @bkuhn My, my look at who just became the grumpy old man. 😛 And that is an awesome tag: #GETOFFMYLAWN 😀 #
  • Downloading the new !opensuse 11.3. Wish I could a simple upgrade though… #