Digging Out of Self-Made Holes

Right before the end of last year, I made a number of “blue sky” goals for 2008. Unfortunately I fell into a number of self-made holes from last year, that basically prevented me from moving forward. To make things worse, I realized no single “thing” would resolve or complete even part of one of those goals.

So after wishing, raging, and begging the these issues to go away, all thats left is a lot of legwork. Not too happy, but I resign myself to digging away these holes myself. Still open to a magic wand waving away everything, though. 🙂

In the open source programming part, I finally threw out a good chunk of code, restarted and refactored most of the game engine for justCheckers. I need to reimplement moving and jumping pieces in a sane way still. Then after I fix the user interface and do some testing. Only then I can package version 0.1.1 out the door, and show the world some real progress.

As for writing, I cut back on one of my novel ideas. I am concentrating on writing a dark, hard scifi novel called Echoes in the Endless. So far I have the rough draft of half of the first chapter written. Lots to do still.

Job searching is just plain tedious. And no I have not gotten a single reply, so stop asking. Its just not fun to even think about it. Everything else is pretty much on hold until I get a revenue stream… like a job.