Visual Computing Demos

Project Details:

  • Duration: September-December 2005
  • Development Role: Co-developer with Daniel D’Alimonte

Development Notes

Co-developed three applications as assignments for a third-year university course in visual computing, with my friend and classmate Daniel D’Alimonte.  The three assignments covered image manipulation, edge detection, artistic effects, quad-trees, collision detection, and node-based morph techniques.  As part of this portfolio, I reworked two of these applications: an image manipulation program with a few effects (Impressionism Demo) and the node-based morphing effect tool (Node Based Morph Demo).

Note: Due to lack of time, this is not a total rework as I would of liked to cleanly reimplement the apps.

Screenshots & Artwork



Impressionist Demo is available to download from here.  Running the application should be done either by double-clicking the JAR or running the JAR from a console with the command:

java -jar impressionist_demo.jar

A similar thing is available with the Node Based Morph Demo.  Running the app from console is similar:

java -jar node_based_morph_demo.jar

In the case of the Node Based Morph Demo, two similar images are required.  One image being the start image and the second image being the end image.  Also you need to specify the similar features that will be tracked by the morphing function, by dragging the arrows on each image for each feature in turn.  In case of a two face, you need to map first the nose on one face, then the nose on the other face, then mouth on the first face, etc.  Then press morph a number of images will be generated, that smoothly transition from image to the other, slightly manipulating the transition images by the specified features.