The Art of Writing

I enjoy writing and telling stories.  And I do a lot of writing in professional, academic, technical, personal and fictional styles.  Over the years, I’ve written many articles and started a few novels.  Below is just a small sample of my better writing.

Novels & Short Stories

  • A Collection of Shards – [In progress] – A collection of stories gathered by a Keeper and Hibernation-survivor companion from the remains of a once prosperous human city that fell into ruin.
  • Under a Clear Cold Night Sky (working title) – [Planned] – A story for a fictional child, Claire, about the fate of humanity when the Sun mysteriously stopped existing.  Written as anthology spanning decades of humanity trying to survive on a wandering post-Solar Earth.
  • Californian Dreams – [In progress] – A collection of non-fiction stories of my own adventures while living in California.
  • Learning to Love God A short Catholic religious piece I wrote for the now-defunct Alexandrian magazine.
  • NegotiationsA flash science fiction story submitted but rejected by the 365 Tomorrows flash science fiction site.

Articles and Reviews on Free Software

Articles on Game Theory and Design