Image Crafting

I enjoy working visual art especially drawing, computer graphic art and photography.  While I make no claim to compare to a professional graphics artist, I did consider taking such a career path.  However in the past I wanted to become a computer graphics artists and not a software developer.  Every so often I try my hand on the craft, and here are a few my experiments with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and Wings3D.  Also ever since I got my first laptop (an ancient 286 machine with monochrome display running Windows 3.1) I have enjoyed creating art by painting pixel-by-pixel.

Pixel Art

Deepwave – Game Artwork

Colonia – Game Artwork

Riftman – Game Artwork

Blender Experiments

Other Artwork

Hacker Dreams – A WordPress Theme

The theme of this blog is heavily based off Automattic’s amazing work on the Forever WordPress theme.  Also the flying penguins background is based on the Flying Penguins backdrop from Open Clipart.  However as the theme is GPL licensed and the artwork is Creative Commons licensed, I am pleased to offer my own theme to others.  Please share and enjoy it: [Hacker Dreams version 0.2].

Gluppy the Penguin – An Animated Short in Maya

 I build an animated short in Maya for a visual computing course in university.  While the short is far from Pixar quality, I had fun building a short animation completely from scratch.  I gathered the textures, build the models, wired the penguin model with an internal skeleton, setup the lighting and crafted the entire animation.  I even enjoyed waiting for the renders to finish late into the night.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I could of made it as a 3D animator…