A Week into the Year, and Back to Writing

A non-calendar week (7 days) passed already for this year. And I can say that I’m about 1/52 or less than 2% in completing this year’s goals. One goals is to finish writing and publishing my first science fiction novel, Echoes in the Endless. Thanks to my good friend Domenic’s suggestions I am reworking the first chapter again.

I decided to use a more conventional, simpler narrative. I dropped the techno-lingo and I will try using 21st century terminology normal people can understand. Normal as in non-military scifi geeks. 🙂 Overall I have a cleaner plot, and nicer story in mind. And I will avoid sinking the reader with too much background at once.

Anyways, the goal is to edit at least the first chapter this week. Then I plan on reworking in an earlier version of chapter 2.