California Dreamin’ – Part 2

So I am back in California again at the request of my client.  Fortunately for not as long as last time.  While Northern California is a great place to live in, it is not quite the palm lined, sunny, warm dream that Hollywood and LA make it out to be.  Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area is much like Toronto’s late spring.  But not comes close to the humid summers of the East Coast.  Plus living in a hotel in a suburb away from everything including friends and family is not fun.

The one good thing is that I have time to reflect, and to catch up.  One such thing being blogging and writing for me.  I do miss writing and hopefully once I clear off my immediate urgent work, I can do more writing.  With any luck there will be more updates to this blog.  And even better… more chances of writing long-form prose.  However I have to first write back to all those e-mails sitting in my inbox, screaming for attention.

Work occupies most of my waking hours.  I wish I could talk about my work in greater detail, however my client wishes to keep a lid on the project I am involved in.  I do not blame them, as the final product will be a great surprise to their customers.  And a wake-up call to their competitors.  I can not say more than this: working on an embedded Linux tablet project is fun.  As a developer I love a good challenge and this project presents many such challenges.  And I am inspired to continue down this career path.

Life continues to swirl randomly and unpredictably around me.  Lots of good signs keep me motivated to try harder.  Still the challenges continue on mounting and sometimes the sheer volume is overwhelming.  However I am still hopeful that this is the mere “storming and forming” before life takes on a certain elegant pattern and routine.  I wish I could say more, but I fear that I might jinx things I reveal too much, too soon…

Wow.  I hoped for a less ambiguous post.  Still it can not be helped, given all the circumstances.