Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See Y’all in 2013!

Just a quick post this time, since this is one heck of a busy day.  Actually the whole year has been kept me super-busy beyond my wildest dream.  While I could of made do with less stress, it definitely pushed me to grow out of necessity.  I definitely am a stronger professional than in the beginning of the year.  I can consider myself a senior developer and be confident in my technical, communication and inter-personal skills.

And I learned to dance, no kidding.  I learned to do things I did not imagine I could do.  I feel that I am calmer, stronger and better person overall.  Of course I can not sit on my laurels.  There is still so much to do, learn and explore.  I look forward to this coming year.  Hopefully you do too.

I wish everyone a Happy Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you all in 2013!