Mailing List Migrations

Hello dear reader!

I hope you are having a wonderful year so far! You may have noticed a small change in the sidebar menu, where there used to be 2 sign-up forms. I removed those as there are dedicated pages to the signups now, and the sidebar was just getting quite busy. (I plan on doing a major redesign of the site this year. Stay tuned for details.)

Also you may have noticed that I have not posted a update recently. This is because I dedicated the end of last year and the beginning of the new year to organizing myself better. I hope to write more this year, maybe even on a regular schedule. While I might not be able to emulate Jonathan Stark’s one update a day for his mailing list, as I dear reader, unlike Jonathan I still have a regular full-time day job that I need to plan around. I do plan on updating my mailing lists for Rookeries and Juggling JSON with jq e-course once every 2 weeks. If I can spare the time, I want to return to releasing a blog entry on a more regular basis.

If you are wondering how I can manage all of this, I will say that Drip makes email list management painless. (It even managed to save me from some junk e-mail addresses which Gumroad did not…) Like with any sort of automation, it took me some time to set it up and understand how everything fit together. I hoped that more people would of migrated over from my Gumroad mailing list, but there I don’t know how much of those emails were junk. Most of them were, which gave me a lot of false hope about having an overwhelming crowd lining up to buy my e-course on jq. Drip gives me a much more realistic view. But I am still optimistic. Overall I am quite happy. What would make me even happier, dear reader, is if you signed up for one of my organic, free-range, and informative mailing lists! But no sweat!