Return to Blogging? And Life?

Its been a while. I left blogging expecting to find more time for writing. Did not happen though, it seems that deadlines work better for me. I hate deadlines, and I have two of them today, and three of them tomorrow. At least I finished my edits for my scientific article writing class, for tomorrow. I have to thank Amanda for helping me out with those on Friday. And we went to a movie together with some of her friends. The movie was augh… but I enjoy Amanda’s company for some reason.

Anyways, instead of a long back story of what happened since the last time… I will try blogging one day at a time. And maybe work on my old projects too. University is a real drag nowadays. Can’t wait until the semester is over.

I need some sleep… before I get started on those two other assignments. Joy. Maybe when I feel rested and can catch my breath, then I can write about some of the neat writing I am doing nowadays.

But first… sleep… *plop*