Follow the Green Sprites, Man.

Yay! Another day ended. No luck with meeting up with Kat, but then again today was a wet, slushy, and mushy day for a walk. Even in an enclosed mall. Again, I played the part of house-son (a.k.a. a son who gets all the jobs of a housewife, with none of the rewards). Wee!

Domenic, my good friend in Michigan just wrote me an email. He is in the middle of his exams, so I guess he will coming back to Brampton soon. Awesome! Good luck on your exams.

Highlight of the day: Darwinia. One of my friends managed to acquire the full version of the game, and lent me a copy. I like the whole atmosphere, and retro style of the game. It has just the right mix of RTS, RPG, and strategic wargame, for me. While sometimes the battles can get quick, and rather messy, at least I get to pick them. I managed to finish the first two islands so far, and have enabled links to the Mine, and Generator level. Should be fun.

Wednesday, will my first day of work… “safety” training. In order words, waste of time mostly. But I apparently will get paid for it which is execellent. Other than that, nothing new. Played a round of FZERO today, and noticed that I have become better at it. Almost finished the last race of the Kings’ League. Kept on getting blown up halfway throught the last lap, which was a shame. Oh well, I guess I will have to make my own clone this summer. Should be fun.