A Quick Glance of Recent Events

A number of things have happened that I have neglected to mention. So here is a quick rundown:

My brother has been away at scout camp for the past 3 weeks. While he did have fun there, he also had to endure some ridiculous conditions, and messed-up leaders. I in his shoes would of bailed out as soon as I could, or protest violently. But he stuck it out. I can’t figure out why, especially since he ate very little (cause the hair-brained cooks couldn’t and wouldn’t serve his special diet foods, even thought everything was prepared in advance) and slept in awful tents, etc. Anyways he is back, and he hopes to go back there next year…

Another thing was an accident at work I had. I cut my elbow with my utility knife in an ugly fashion, and had to get stitches. Not fun. Especially not the tetanus booster shot I got. The nurse jabbed me so hard, that my shoulder and upper left arm were sore for the next three days.

Dmitri moved to a new house, so now walking to his house is no longer an option. Ewa decided to go on vacation to New York with her boyfriend, Lucas. Yes I am jealous. Domenic is off to Michigan to attend one of his college friend’s weddings. Katka is somewhere in Slovenia. Still. Rudy is working and taking a few courses. Lucky bastard. Oh and Mike Hart when not working with me at CKF, he is out partying the living daylights out of… whatever it is. And me. Well I am blogging. So that means I am home, deluded and the highlights of my day being time in front of the computer. Pathetic.

Anyways, I also went with my folks for a walk in the woods today. Mom enjoyed it. So did my brother. Me and my Dad tested positive for mosquito affinity… and counted 45 bites each… wished we stayed home. Now I am covered in red little itchy bumps. Its a Canadian thing.

Good news is that I am caught up with my blogs. So I will try to be from now on up-to-date in that section. And I filled out my OSAP application. Finally. Oh and I got sound working in Quake 3 under Linux. Yes!!! Not to mention, yesterday I kicked Rudy’s sorry ass in a round of Legends. Hehe… got you at last. 🙂

Follow the Green Sprites, Man.

Yay! Another day ended. No luck with meeting up with Kat, but then again today was a wet, slushy, and mushy day for a walk. Even in an enclosed mall. Again, I played the part of house-son (a.k.a. a son who gets all the jobs of a housewife, with none of the rewards). Wee!

Domenic, my good friend in Michigan just wrote me an email. He is in the middle of his exams, so I guess he will coming back to Brampton soon. Awesome! Good luck on your exams.

Highlight of the day: Darwinia. One of my friends managed to acquire the full version of the game, and lent me a copy. I like the whole atmosphere, and retro style of the game. It has just the right mix of RTS, RPG, and strategic wargame, for me. While sometimes the battles can get quick, and rather messy, at least I get to pick them. I managed to finish the first two islands so far, and have enabled links to the Mine, and Generator level. Should be fun.

Wednesday, will my first day of work… “safety” training. In order words, waste of time mostly. But I apparently will get paid for it which is execellent. Other than that, nothing new. Played a round of FZERO today, and noticed that I have become better at it. Almost finished the last race of the Kings’ League. Kept on getting blown up halfway throught the last lap, which was a shame. Oh well, I guess I will have to make my own clone this summer. Should be fun.