District 9, Ki and Writing

What a great weekend it was.  I got to do a bit of clubbing with friends.  The next day I also went to see District 9 with Karolina.  What an awesome movie, quite unconventional and enjoyable to watch.  Even people who don’t like science fiction will enjoy this movie.  Ended the night with supper at Ki, a really nice upscale Japanese restaurant.  Not something for daily dining, unless you happen to work as an exec at one of those financial institutions.  And I ended of the weekend with some hiking in Muskoka.  All in all awesome, but totally unproductive.

Good news though, I am almost caught up on my correspondences.  If I haven’t contacted you yet, I will do so sometime this week.  Also I re-read the rough draft of my novel, and I’ll be concentrating on getting the complete rough draft out in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “District 9, Ki and Writing

  1. Yes the director seems to have left a cliffhanger for a sequel. But even if they don’t produce a sequel to D9, it was definitely a great movie all on its own.

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