Project Details:

Development Notes

The justCheckers project is a continuation of a high school project to develop an advanced checkers game.  In high school, I had developed the predecessor Civilization Checkers using Visual Basic 6.0.  When I went to university I decided that a great way to develop my skills would be working on an open source project, solving a known problem.  This would allow me to concentrate on developing my skills, knowledge of Java, and experience founding, developing and leading an open source project.  At one point I led a globally distributed team of volunteers and we developed the first version of justCheckers.  Also maintained the website, developer resources and revision control systems related the project.

Due to lack of time, and also technical difficulties with developing a checkers game that could generically handle various variants of checkers; the team disbanded and the project is now semi-dormant.  Most recently having gained enough experience in Android, I decided to heavily refactor the codebase and target Android devices rather than Java desktop apps and applets.

Screenshots & Artwork


Current State

The transition to a pure Android codebase from a Java Swing app is still on-going.  Also a rewrite of the game engine is in progress.  However the current latest development version (0.1.999) of the justCheckers app can be downloaded from here.

Also a working binary JAR of the justCheckers version 0.1 can be downloaded.  Running the application should be done either by double-clicking the JAR or running the JAR from a console with the command:

java -jar justCheckers-0.1.jar