Running Audacity under Ubuntu 6.10 Linux

As a “budding” radio journalist (self-styled freelancer), I quickly realized the need to practice and learn the art of audio documentaries. So I decided to upon keep radio diaries.

For recording, I am using Audacity, an open source sound editing program. Running Audacity under Ubuntu Linux 6.10 proved a bit problematic. After a bit of poking around the Ubuntu forums, and Launchpad, I finally figured out a solution.

At first running audacity refused to work with my soundcard. Having installed alsa-oss already, I ran:

> aoss audacity

The minute I started recording, audacity crashed. This time a problem with the esd mixer many Gnome applications use. I need to turn off esd, by running Gnome instead of KDE.
I then ran System > Preferences > Sound and unchecked the esd mixer option. ESD problem fixed.

But the recording still did not come through. Turns out the volume was turned down to mute. Duh. I ran alsamixer:

After some experimentation, I found I needed to unmute the Line In, and change the Input So option to Front Mic. To turn up the volume, I pressed Tab and increased the Capture volume.

With audacity worked flawlessly, and I can record myself.

Audacity – an open source (and free) sound editor
Ubuntu Forums – excellent community with support for Ubuntu problems.
– Canonical’s bug and developer network, and used heavily for Ubuntu development.

One thought on “Running Audacity under Ubuntu 6.10 Linux

  1. Just wanted to add that getting the capture and mux volume right is essential.
    Without the volume turned up, audacity crashes when you try to record something.

    Also Audacity seems to work fine with aoss or without.

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