Busily Getting to Business

What a busy day. Today’s line of exploits include:

  • Installing a wiki. A moderated wiki will be the new justCheckers site.
  • Importing articles from a website and wiki into a… wiki.
  • Counselling about my career choices… and that I need to cold call. Brr…
  • A quick update with a friend.
  • Me time with a coffee and a danish.
  • Running to a moved conference.
  • Being told I am unfashionable. Big time. Still learned alot about business attire.

Quote of the day:
“Lose the camouflage pants. Seriously.” My rebuttal being… thats what I found before I ran out of the house.

Seriously, I am exhausted now. And this list is about the maximum level of cohesiveness I can manage today. More wiki and driving fun tomorrow. Night.

2 thoughts on “Busily Getting to Business

  1. You sure you don’t want a wiki-CV instead?

    You’re a smart guy, nobody needs to remind you that dressing slick is part of the art of selling yourself to the futur employers.

    About the camo pants, nobody cares when you’re dressing casually.

    Stick to solid colors when picking suits and shirts, big guy.

  2. Wiki-CV’s eh? Weren’t you the one who wanted to add a “Gangsta” part to my CV. 😉

    Dressing slick is not the issue… rather I wanted to learn what defines as slickness nowadays. And to learn how much lighter my wallet will be after I gather the entire wardrobe. Ouch.

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