Restructuring justCheckers

As I started resuscitating the long dormant justCheckers project, I began wondering why did the development occurred at a comatose pace. Much of the problem I place on my own inexperience and my university workload. I also paid more attention to possible future problems than managing the team.

Yesterday, one my of good friends and fellow justCheckers developer basically verified that he had no time to work on the project. He has got a lot on his plate. And so do most of the other developers. Still I need active developers. He suggested to wait a certain amount of time for a response, and then start removing developers.

As much as I hate to restructure the team, it will be necessary if I want to create an active core development team and a community around justCheckers. So I decided that the deadline for the inactive devs to respond will be December 20, 2007.

The justCheckers project must go on.