Productization of Self

Wonder where I have been in the past few days? Still job hunting and figuring how best to market myself to prospective employers. Its not easy for a few reasons.

First, is most people don’t learn about how to do this sort of thing until they hit unemployment line. I for one don’t claim to have figured out job searching. Second, being a recent student without a ton of certifications or years of work experience doesn’t help matters. These first two dilemmas will only resolve themselves after I am employed.

Third I am still trying to decide what kind of job I want and in which sector. And often what I want to do and what is possible are at odds. Example I want to work on open source games in the GTA. Its not gonna happen, at least not anytime soon. I also want to become an astronaut, but am neither a pilot nor a scientist. Reality unfortunately bounds my ambitions into a significantly smaller space. Right now, I am looking into openings that match my skill set, or companies that match my err… interests.

I do have a few possible leads. But I need something more concrete then that. Nothing but to press onwards till success. Wish me luck.