Silent Running

Please excuse the long silence. Recently I’ve had to concentrate on my offline life for the most part. Hence the lack of blog posts.

I’m still writing and plan on publishing one of my older “books”. The science fiction novel is inching along. More details about the potential publishing, once I find out more details.

On the gaming front, I working on justCheckers again. Check out the new home of the project: I still need to setup a good deal of stuff for the site. I am still thinking how the site should look and feel. At the moment I need to transition the current wiki on Sourceforge to the hosted site. Without revealing too much, I plan to use justCheckers as a model for a larger project. Watch this space for details in the future.

For the time being, I’ll be in silent running mode. Expect long delays in my blogging. The reasons for all this foreshadowing will become evident in the coming weeks.