Facebook No More!

UPDATE: Ok, so I lied. Getting off Facebook is much harder when you do have people you want to stay in touch with. I’m just going to make sure that all the info on Facebook relate only to the friendship side of things, and not to business or other parts of my life. Hence the blog feed no longer autoupdates on Facebook. But the same applies to LinkedIn.

Today I finally caught me myself off from Facebook. Not because I am anti-social. No, not at all. It is just that Facebook doesn’t work for me. Yes, it notified me of a few events. And I could follow what my friends do. But honestly… I’m not exactly interested in every pokey little detail about my friends either. I prefer to catch up on e-mail. Or read people’s blogs. And hence RSS and e-mail clients prove to work better for me.

Anyways, I’m too busy for Facebook. I stored too much information on it. Mea culpa. And I linked it to a blog. Mea culpa again. And Facebook won’t help getting you a date. I know, I tried.

Facebook is only part of the picture here. I am trying to exorcise the nitty-gritty, time wasting aspects of my life. I have far too much going on. And I’d prefer to spending 30 minutes on writing my novel or my games then on Facebook… …wondering why I’m bombarded by ads supposedly helping me out of my single life. Gimme a break. The social networking I need is on LinkedIn anyways.