Why Should Facebook Have All the Fun?

Hmm… this year I’m trying to come up with a quote per day for Facebook.Β  But since Facebook is a bit like Vegas… what happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.Β  So I’m reposting stuff here.Β  Also going to do this through Identi.ca

Day 28 of 2010: Not a Mac. Nor a PC. Hackers do it with Linux.

Day 27 of 2010: Feeling adventurious.

Day 26 of 2010: And there are days you’d prefer to wake up on some warm tropical beach…

Day 25 of 2010: An early start to a rainy day. Waiting for the sun to rise, and the rain to end.

Day 24 of 2010: Wanted to sleep all day. Cooking, cleaning and discussing happened instead.

Day 23 of 2010: A spot of volleyball, a blessing and a whole lot of cleaning. How was your day?

Day 22 of 2010: Namesday! Not like there is a feast day for any Saint Dorian today. But heck on this date, my name was in the calendar.

Day 21 of 2010: My Internet tablet/cellphone is on its way from LA. Escape from LA – Mobile Edition? πŸ˜‰

Day 20 of 2010: Trying to clear my desk of various bits and tasks. Almost done my stint with databases at work. Looking forward to releasing a few new bits of code to clients and other interested parties.

Day 19 of 2010: Lots of writing today: profiles, updates, e-mails and unit test cases.

Day 18 of 2010: Persistence, Perserverance & Perchance things will not spontanenously combust.

Day 17 of 2010: Another Sunday to relax, meditate and catchup.

Day 16 of 2010: Hmm… A few ideas to pursue. But first I must deal with the aftermath of this week.

Day 15 of 2010: Apres moi, le deluge. Today is gonna be fun.

Day 14 of 2010: Inherited one big mess to tidy up.

Day 13 of 2010: Just my luck. Ill.

Day 12 of 2010: One should not debate philosophy with a philosophy professor. Especially if one isn’t going to bring out concrete history and theories. πŸ˜›

Day 11 of 2010: Chaos ensues. Reality quivers. Uncertainty grows. I’m good though.

Day 10 of 2010: Much work remains, but will it really be a gamechanger or just a labour of ‘love’?

Day 9 of 2010: Red, red wine. Stay close to me… (Apologies to UB40)

Day 8 of 2010: Nope, I’ve got nothing for you today. πŸ˜›

Day 7 of 2010: The champagne effect has worn off. This year is starting to look like any other year.

Day 6 of 2010: Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Day 5 of 2010: Sometimes the fastest way to resolve a problem is by sending a rhino (or rhino equivalent) after it.

Day 4 of 2010: The realization that while friends may have robotic punches, may cause people to think you too are a robot. Does that compute for you, human?

Day 3 of 2010. Resolution: Come up with even wittier status updates. πŸ™‚

Facebook No More!

UPDATE: Ok, so I lied. Getting off Facebook is much harder when you do have people you want to stay in touch with. I’m just going to make sure that all the info on Facebook relate only to the friendship side of things, and not to business or other parts of my life. Hence the blog feed no longer autoupdates on Facebook. But the same applies to LinkedIn.

Today I finally caught me myself off from Facebook. Not because I am anti-social. No, not at all. It is just that Facebook doesn’t work for me. Yes, it notified me of a few events. And I could follow what my friends do. But honestly… I’m not exactly interested in every pokey little detail about my friends either. I prefer to catch up on e-mail. Or read people’s blogs. And hence RSS and e-mail clients prove to work better for me.

Anyways, I’m too busy for Facebook. I stored too much information on it. Mea culpa. And I linked it to a blog. Mea culpa again. And Facebook won’t help getting you a date. I know, I tried.

Facebook is only part of the picture here. I am trying to exorcise the nitty-gritty, time wasting aspects of my life. I have far too much going on. And I’d prefer to spending 30 minutes on writing my novel or my games then on Facebook… …wondering why I’m bombarded by ads supposedly helping me out of my single life. Gimme a break. The social networking I need is on LinkedIn anyways.

The Compressed Life

I can finally confirm, that there is a life after university. And a compressed one at that too. I could go through the details, but I feel too tired to remember all the details. And too lazy to write them all down today.

Last weekend, I went to Montreal for the TaizΓ© event. Got to experience life in a predominately francophone city. Experienced a desire to get closer to God and people. Sang my vocal chords to extreme soreness. Meet a few folks from the Polish youth group. And a few Filipanas from St. Kevins. And now I found an excuse to learn French.

The rest of the week consisted of hosting my Polish godfather and his wife. Became an impromptu tour guide of Downtown Toronto. (Now if only I could find the entertainment district. πŸ™ ) And when I did not have to travel, or work at home, I attempted reinstalling Windows XP for a client. The gremlins came out to play, and turned a simple recovery and reinstall into a few days exercise in futility. Now, I remember why I enjoyed Linux and Ubuntu Linux especially.

Yesterday I met up with Robert and his roommate. We hoped to tour Toronto, but Rob’s car broke instead. So we caught up on old times. And “invented” a new cocktail, the LimJim, since thats what guys do when bored. Also looks like I might end up installing kUbuntu on his system too.

And I discovered Facebook and I am hooked. Now if I can find time to write.