Why Should Facebook Have All the Fun?

Hmm… this year I’m trying to come up with a quote per day for Facebook.  But since Facebook is a bit like Vegas… what happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.  So I’m reposting stuff here.  Also going to do this through Identi.ca

Day 28 of 2010: Not a Mac. Nor a PC. Hackers do it with Linux.

Day 27 of 2010: Feeling adventurious.

Day 26 of 2010: And there are days you’d prefer to wake up on some warm tropical beach…

Day 25 of 2010: An early start to a rainy day. Waiting for the sun to rise, and the rain to end.

Day 24 of 2010: Wanted to sleep all day. Cooking, cleaning and discussing happened instead.

Day 23 of 2010: A spot of volleyball, a blessing and a whole lot of cleaning. How was your day?

Day 22 of 2010: Namesday! Not like there is a feast day for any Saint Dorian today. But heck on this date, my name was in the calendar.

Day 21 of 2010: My Internet tablet/cellphone is on its way from LA. Escape from LA – Mobile Edition? 😉

Day 20 of 2010: Trying to clear my desk of various bits and tasks. Almost done my stint with databases at work. Looking forward to releasing a few new bits of code to clients and other interested parties.

Day 19 of 2010: Lots of writing today: profiles, updates, e-mails and unit test cases.

Day 18 of 2010: Persistence, Perserverance & Perchance things will not spontanenously combust.

Day 17 of 2010: Another Sunday to relax, meditate and catchup.

Day 16 of 2010: Hmm… A few ideas to pursue. But first I must deal with the aftermath of this week.

Day 15 of 2010: Apres moi, le deluge. Today is gonna be fun.

Day 14 of 2010: Inherited one big mess to tidy up.

Day 13 of 2010: Just my luck. Ill.

Day 12 of 2010: One should not debate philosophy with a philosophy professor. Especially if one isn’t going to bring out concrete history and theories. 😛

Day 11 of 2010: Chaos ensues. Reality quivers. Uncertainty grows. I’m good though.

Day 10 of 2010: Much work remains, but will it really be a gamechanger or just a labour of ‘love’?

Day 9 of 2010: Red, red wine. Stay close to me… (Apologies to UB40)

Day 8 of 2010: Nope, I’ve got nothing for you today. 😛

Day 7 of 2010: The champagne effect has worn off. This year is starting to look like any other year.

Day 6 of 2010: Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Day 5 of 2010: Sometimes the fastest way to resolve a problem is by sending a rhino (or rhino equivalent) after it.

Day 4 of 2010: The realization that while friends may have robotic punches, may cause people to think you too are a robot. Does that compute for you, human?

Day 3 of 2010. Resolution: Come up with even wittier status updates. 🙂