Why Should Facebook Have All the Fun?

Hmm… this year I’m trying to come up with a quote per day for Facebook.  But since Facebook is a bit like Vegas… what happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.  So I’m reposting stuff here.  Also going to do this through Identi.ca

Day 28 of 2010: Not a Mac. Nor a PC. Hackers do it with Linux.

Day 27 of 2010: Feeling adventurious.

Day 26 of 2010: And there are days you’d prefer to wake up on some warm tropical beach…

Day 25 of 2010: An early start to a rainy day. Waiting for the sun to rise, and the rain to end.

Day 24 of 2010: Wanted to sleep all day. Cooking, cleaning and discussing happened instead.

Day 23 of 2010: A spot of volleyball, a blessing and a whole lot of cleaning. How was your day?

Day 22 of 2010: Namesday! Not like there is a feast day for any Saint Dorian today. But heck on this date, my name was in the calendar.

Day 21 of 2010: My Internet tablet/cellphone is on its way from LA. Escape from LA – Mobile Edition? 😉

Day 20 of 2010: Trying to clear my desk of various bits and tasks. Almost done my stint with databases at work. Looking forward to releasing a few new bits of code to clients and other interested parties.

Day 19 of 2010: Lots of writing today: profiles, updates, e-mails and unit test cases.

Day 18 of 2010: Persistence, Perserverance & Perchance things will not spontanenously combust.

Day 17 of 2010: Another Sunday to relax, meditate and catchup.

Day 16 of 2010: Hmm… A few ideas to pursue. But first I must deal with the aftermath of this week.

Day 15 of 2010: Apres moi, le deluge. Today is gonna be fun.

Day 14 of 2010: Inherited one big mess to tidy up.

Day 13 of 2010: Just my luck. Ill.

Day 12 of 2010: One should not debate philosophy with a philosophy professor. Especially if one isn’t going to bring out concrete history and theories. 😛

Day 11 of 2010: Chaos ensues. Reality quivers. Uncertainty grows. I’m good though.

Day 10 of 2010: Much work remains, but will it really be a gamechanger or just a labour of ‘love’?

Day 9 of 2010: Red, red wine. Stay close to me… (Apologies to UB40)

Day 8 of 2010: Nope, I’ve got nothing for you today. 😛

Day 7 of 2010: The champagne effect has worn off. This year is starting to look like any other year.

Day 6 of 2010: Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Day 5 of 2010: Sometimes the fastest way to resolve a problem is by sending a rhino (or rhino equivalent) after it.

Day 4 of 2010: The realization that while friends may have robotic punches, may cause people to think you too are a robot. Does that compute for you, human?

Day 3 of 2010. Resolution: Come up with even wittier status updates. 🙂

Welcome to 2010. Where the Hell is My Robotic Servant?

Happy New Year to all my readers!  2009 was quite an emotional year: the first batch of my close friends got married, a death in the family, the ups and downs of dating, professional life and all that jazz.  Last year I’ve felt I’ve grown like no other year.  I started work in 2008.  But 2009 was the year that I feel I kicked off the sneakers, t-shirt and shorts laid-back attitude of  a university undergrad, and donned the look and feel of a professional.  I definitely feel the change was for the better.  Also last year I rolled up my sleeves and told myself to do the things I wanted to do, but kept on putting off.  True, I came up with some grandiose plans that I couldn’t of finished realistically.  Still I  managed to tie up most of the loose ends of previous years.  My projects moved forward by a bit.  My organizational skills improved, and I no longer procrastinate on tasks for months.  I still leave things off, but only for a few days.  At most a month, if something is a bit more complicated or delicate.  Come to think of it, most of the tasks that hang around are ones that will take hours to do.

Now the new year, nah new decade begins.  I feel I’m a better professional, writer, programmer, businessman, outdoorsmans and well… man than a year ago.  Ditto for 10 years ago.  So whats next for 2010?  Lets hope no massive shift in society occurs (and that I fear more and more is a possibility to no-one can simply ignore) and God willing that nothing crazy happens in this upcoming decade.  I’d hate to live the life of a Snake Plissken, Mad Max or an Afghani.  Assuming that nothing happens, my new years resolutions come from a modified version of last year’s:  (Which yes stems from goals of 2007…)

  • Become a Senior Software Developer/Consultant
    • 2009:  Learnt the Spring MVC framework, EJBs, AJAX, ExtJS and other Web 2.0 technologies.
    • 2009: Advanced in my skills in databases and Python scripting.
    • Learn and become a Qt/C++ developer.
    • Learn to manage risks, estimates, costs and client expectations as a consultant.
    • Advance my knowledge of Python, PHP and Javascript web frameworks.
  • Become a Published Writer
    • 2009: Started work on a number of novel ideas.  In total wrote about seven or eight separate chapters.
    • Finish and publish at least one novel.
    • Read a finished piece at The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2010.
    • Publish my university articles in novel or series form.
  • Start a Masters in HCI Design
    • This is a blue skies idea.  But I do plan to go back to university and start working on a Masters degree on HCI (Human -Computer Interface) Design.
  • Become a Libre Software contributer
    • Continue work on justCheckers.  Possibly create and release the mythical version 1.0.
    • Get involved with the KDE or Maemo projects.
  • Build out my stealth mode start-up
    • 2009: Created a business plan and strategy.  Now I just need to execute on it.
    • Build an initial product offering, that will fund future development.
    • Add finances into the mix.
  • Personal
    • Get a full driving license.
    • Date that awesome girl. (Ladies a bit of help with that one? You know who you are.)
    • Get more involved with outdoor sports.
    • Deepen my faith and my knowledge of the world around me.
    • Learn to use a “freaking” calendar, rather than ignoring it.
    • Clean up the mess that is my home computing system.
    • Regular exercise and fitness.

And thats about it… Time to take on 2010.  I’m disappointed by the general lack of robotic servants, flying cars, jetpacks and moon bases.  Still I’m thankful for no nuclear war, giant mutant predatory creatures wandering the streets,  grey goo accidents or human-unfriendly singularity AIs too.  So 2010 probably won’t mean a radically different future for humanity.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t all have something look forward to this year. 🙂