Phoneing This One In

My recent loss of my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has meant I need to resort to more exotic devices for offline blogging. At the moment I’m traveling on the bus (or standing at a bus stop), chilling to music and blogging/writing on my Nokia 5800 cellphone. So tapping on a touchscreen feels more etheral than tactile than on a slide-out keyboard. But if you don’t have what you like, you like what you have.

Also on a N810 I could use a blogging application and publish directly to my website. On the 5800, I need to take the extra step  of uploading to a computer, copy and paste and then post the entry. If I need to suffer for my art to get a daily post, I’m willing to suffer cold fingers and confusing workflows.

And I just got news that the N810 is back!  Note to self, when the phone rings and you are getting on the bus… Figure out your priorities. Hint show ticket first. Also learn to use the headset, it looks less awkward.  And noone wants to hear your Pink Floyd tracks. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Phoneing This One In

  1. I have yet to give in to the urge of blogging while traveling on my Nokia E71. It has a little keyboard.

    I leave my travel time to brainstorming about content… that is when I am awake enough to form coherent thoughts.

  2. Hehe yes I like to comment on my own posts. More like mini-updates actually. Or maybe my commenting is the online manifestation of my habit of thinking out loud. Discuss!

    I was considering getting a E71 but I had a working IT then. Nowadays I miss the feel on a real keyboard. And yes I wrote this comment on the 5800 on the way to work… And then upload it at work. I write just to kill the time on the bus.

  3. Indeed Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is perfect companion for many bloggers. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has an advantage over Nokia 5800.

    Presently i do my blogging activity from the pc but soon plans to have some advanced gadget like Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.


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