Web Play Made Fun with ExtJS

At work I’ve started working with ExtJS for the user interface for the web application I’m helping develop.  I’ve always had reservations about using Javascript.  Or rather I’ve always hated dealing with inconsistencies in DOM handling in browsers.  Whenever I deal with CSS, I always hate dealing with cross-browser checking.  Fortunately with increased popularity of Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla Firefox) and Webkit-based browsers (Google Chrome), I have to deal with headaches of a browser incompatibilities less often.  However writing pure Javascript can be a bit daunting, and a library like JQuery or ExtJS comes in handy.  So I’m still not sold on the concept of building everything in a RIA (Rich Internet Application) context.  However using a Javascript library sure makes my website coding-hacking more palatable.

5 thoughts on “Web Play Made Fun with ExtJS

  1. I’ve been using ext for quite sometime. You’ll soon wonder why anyone develops without it. You might want to look at Nokia’s WRT for your new phone. 😉 The mobile is going javascript too.

  2. Judging by Palm’s recent foray into the mobile market with webOS, I would have to agree: The mobile indeed is going Javascript too.

    Call me a traditionalist, but I’m still thinking that for mobile apps, one still should use C/C++ for many apps. And hence I have taken up learning Qt to get into mainstream mobile app development.

  3. Just wait until you need to make it work in IE7 ;].

    P.S. Ext application work very well on iPod/Touch as well. And I’m surprised you mentioned Chrome before Safari.

  4. Internet Explorer is evil. Period. I absolutely abhor working with that piece of fail.

    I should of mentioned Konqueror (KHTML from whence WebKit was born), then Safari then Google Chrome. Also I have a love-hate affair with Apple in general, so on occasion I omit mentioning Apple. 😛

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