Out with the Old

I’m preparing for what I hope will be a new phase in my life.  And one of the things I need for this change is a revised online presence.  I’ve experimented with various ideas and concepts.  And I want to try and implement them in my life.

One of the first to feel the changes, will be my blogging.  I deleted my old Blogspot blog.  All the content exists on this website anyways.   Also I’m planning to make this blog more into a portfolio, than just a blog straight up.  The blog obviously will be accessible, just not on the front page.  Also I’m thinking of doing some ExtJS magic and build a new AJAXy theme.  So if the site breaks, you know what I’ve been up to.

On another note, I’m getting back to developing justCheckers into reality.  And on the side playing around with the newly revived Pyzzle game engine.

Hmm… The Future Feels Clean

So do you like it?  The theme on the website that is.  I decided to go with a variant of light greys, royal blue-purple and amber highlights.  It does have a spartan, minimalistic feel but I like it.  I considered rebuilding the theme as an ExtJS or jQuery UI powered on.  But honestly, this works and IMHO looks pretty good.  For a theme that doesn’t use any images.  I plan on tinkering with this theme as time goes on, but I think I like this theme as a base.  As promised, I will go through this theme, clean things up and release it out in the open once I’m done.

Whats next on my list?  Well a good chunk of work, and some partying this weekend to celebrate the coming of the end of the year.  🙂

Web Play Made Fun with ExtJS

At work I’ve started working with ExtJS for the user interface for the web application I’m helping develop.  I’ve always had reservations about using Javascript.  Or rather I’ve always hated dealing with inconsistencies in DOM handling in browsers.  Whenever I deal with CSS, I always hate dealing with cross-browser checking.  Fortunately with increased popularity of Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla Firefox) and Webkit-based browsers (Google Chrome), I have to deal with headaches of a browser incompatibilities less often.  However writing pure Javascript can be a bit daunting, and a library like JQuery or ExtJS comes in handy.  So I’m still not sold on the concept of building everything in a RIA (Rich Internet Application) context.  However using a Javascript library sure makes my website coding-hacking more palatable.