Hmm… The Future Feels Clean

So do you like it?  The theme on the website that is.  I decided to go with a variant of light greys, royal blue-purple and amber highlights.  It does have a spartan, minimalistic feel but I like it.  I considered rebuilding the theme as an ExtJS or jQuery UI powered on.  But honestly, this works and IMHO looks pretty good.  For a theme that doesn’t use any images.  I plan on tinkering with this theme as time goes on, but I think I like this theme as a base.  As promised, I will go through this theme, clean things up and release it out in the open once I’m done.

Whats next on my list?  Well a good chunk of work, and some partying this weekend to celebrate the coming of the end of the year.  🙂

A Clean Future

The future is white?

Bob, the future has been white since the 60’s.

Autotainment, Big Ideas

The future has been white for a long time, thanks to the likes of Stanley Kubrick and the folks at Apple.  Thats why the theme I’m crafting for this website, is called “Clean Future”.  I took the “Open Sourcerer” theme by Alan Lord, and modifying it until it suits my tastes.  I’m still debating whether it will look like a glass UI or hand-drawn doodles.  Maybe I’ll go all out and create a full AJAX powered UI.  We’ll see.  I’m sure it will remain white and light grey.  And I’ll take it as far as I feel it makes sense to do so.  So if anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below.  I’ll make the modified theme available once I finish working on it.