A Day in the Life of Dorian for 2010-04-09

  • I think, therefore I am lost. #
  • In other news, upgraded to !KDE 4.4 thanks to the #Kubuntu #PPAs. And I’m really, really liking !KDE. Yup still the best desktop experience. #
  • @dhraak Nice. #openSUSE has come a long way since when I used #SuSE 8.2. And yes !KDE 4.4 is awesome, regardless of distro. 😀 #
  • And just when you thought the Canadian banksters were better than their American counterparts: http://tinyurl.com/yamwwmw #
  • @ddevine Hmm… I’m up for suggestions for a good !KDE distro, that has lots of apps, good hardware support and is easy to maintain. #