Moving Forward Again

The plugin seems to have stemmed the tide of spam.  I’m quite happy in not receiving tons of e-mails daily dealing with spam comments.  I’d love to get more comments from real life users.  But I guess I need to write something rant worthy or brilliant.  Either way, no spam is good.

I’m still catching up with all the work I left undone due to my illness.  For one I need to setup a few sites for my new project in gestation.  Also I need to do quite a  bit of bookkeeping.  Not a huge fan of keeping records.  Much like anything else, I should do bookkeeping as it happens.  And I try.  However unlike task management, I have not found a nice, neat system that works well with me.  In addition to all these housekeeping work, I need to get moving on larger projects like: getting a car and learning to drive.  I should of done this last year honestly.  Oh well things are moving forward.  But so much needs to get done, and I have so little time.

Anyways, the next few days look busy.  So expect short blog posts and my being offline.  I just need to get things done.