Yet Another Morning

I’m awake and terrified.  OK, not terrified as in senseless shaking.  No rather I take a look at my various todo lists, and my non-empty inbox, and that brings terror in the form of urgency.  I guess I should be used to that already.  In the past I just ignored tasks, like one ignores imperfections.  But once you get them written down and place said list beside you… then they just sit there, glaring at you all gnarly and troll-like.  And the question that comes down to which do I deal with first?  GTD methodology says prioritize, assign to projects, delegate and so on.  Easy to say, but tasks all look alike at times.  And since I decided I wouldn’t sweep things under the rug, I wring my hands trying to deal with the underlying issue.

It was a busy weekend.  Plants got planted.  Allergic reactions came and went.  Some attempts at cleaning house occurred.  Some attempts proved more successful than others.  I hope no one felt ignored.  I rushed around but all my own work rested on the side.  And as I look at the upcoming days, and the decisions, and the work…  I feel exasperated.  And I’m going to be a bit older, very, very soon also adds a bit more motivation to my work.

Fortunately, I feel upbeat and positive today.  I realized yesterday that one of my anxieties proved unfound, and unlikely to occur.  Dealing with this anxiety should bring much serenity, peace and calm into my life.  This in turn will give me more energy and help me iron those last few wrinkles in my character.  Sigh…  Anyways I turn to watch the sun shimmer in the steel, grey sky and I know today will be a good day.

Serenity before the Storm

[Excerpt from the Art and Zen of Mlaren Racing]
Beware the violence of the sandstorms of Sand Ocean. While the courses seems easy, a sudden sandstorm can blow over leaving many stranded. One must be one with ones vehicle, and be one with the storm. Never exert against it, but flow with its intricate motions. The wise take heed and prevail, while others eat the bitter sands of defeat.

So the exam looms ever nearer… And so does the anxiety. I just don’t feel this one is going to go over smoothly. Please, please, just so I can pass this course. That is all I ask, God. Hence the above passage. The looming sandstorm is just there… waiting and brooding over it next victims. The course is not too bad, but I have done awfully throughout and the professor is known to give evil questions on tests, etc. A massacre in the making… 😉

Still working on the black-ops as usually, concentrating on the visualizations naturally. Not too much progress there. But I will continue on it.

Yay! Chatted with Dima and Sarah yesterday. Funny story on how they met… a mistaken MSN entry. And naturally with any chat with Dima, it degenerated into a crazy, drunken parody about us, Matrix, pink bunnies, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and more. Thanks Dima! That was fun.

Life is the same as always… boring, a bit depressing. Hey, always look on the bright side. Two more passages and a few struggles, and then summer. A week and a half of relaxation is something to look forward to, and maybe a meeting with Katarina. Mmm… I have decided to go wireless with my network. Should be fun… I still have a bit of cash left. So I will grab a wireless router, and an archery set too. Just a bit of research needed, and I plan on getting a nice, (ok half decent) compound bow. Love archery…

Anyhow, as the storm looms on the horizon, I have to brace myself for its wrath. Wish me luck!