Exam Sideeffects, TV Online and the Pursuit of Rest

Exams. One word says it all. If you ever taken one you know what I mean. If you never had the “pleasure” of taking one, let me just name some of the side effects: anxiety, dizziness, confusion, insomnia, sleepiness, panic attacks and memory loss. In extreme cases, exams may cause serious injury or even death of: marks, chances of passing, hope of finishing university and getting a degree.

I finished my last exam today, so please forgive my lapse in blogging punctuality. This temporary insanity only lasts for a few days fortunately. I think I passed two of my four classes. 😉

Instead of studying – the ultimate goal is to pass not excel – I contracted a recent meme-virus going around the Internet, videoblogging. After watching a number of videos on Google Video (including the feature film Dr. Strangelove), I kind of like the idea of watching videos online. It passes the time between exams and the split of Stargate Atlantis Season 3. Videoblogging reminds of watching the news, only way geekier, fun and with better looking hostesses (it’s a guy thing). The best ones I watched so far: Rocketboom and MobuzzTV.

Rocketboom, hosted by Joanne Colan feels like watching Slashdot on TV (minus the comments left by good willed gentleman – I love you guys – all trolls, except for one pleasant guy but he’s a troll too). The vlog delves into the wacky and zany antics, those creatures called humans come up with: shoverboards and the Boston Type Writer Orchestra episodes being great examples. The lovely Joanne Colan hosts the week-daily show, bringing a light-hearted humorous feel. The excellent overall quality of Rocketboom, makes me want to call it less of a videoblog, and more of a short on-line show.

MobuzzTV, raises the bar even higher than Rocketboom for videoblogs. I liken MobuzzTV to an on-line tech tv show. MobuzzTV deals with current tech-related events in a humorous, fun light. The presentation: sleek, sexy and professional. If more videoblogs of the same calibre of MobuzzTV start sprouting up, old fashioned TV will die almost overnight.

Videoblogs seems like the future of TV, and even governments seem to think so. Just check out France’s new France24. Impressive, but not surprising. I am wondering with such wonderful show and sites out there, how can a lowly “text” blogger such as myself compete for attention. Maybe some old-fashioned folks, prefer text sometimes.

I fear I must hasten to my assignments, and then I shall experience freedom from university!