Update for February 26, 2006

Good morning. The sun is shining brightly, its brilliance reflected off the snow. The sky is a nice light blue gradient, and is cloudless. I’m in a pretty good mood as well.

Actually I don’t have too much time to write this, as the time to leave to church is approaching rapidly. So will be concise. Today will hopefully be a productive day, in terms of actual studying and work.

Yesterday I managed to setup an Apache, Subversion, & mySQL server. I also went out of my way to secure the machine, and to give it a dynamic DNS. So whenever its on, so is my website now. 😉 No, really have not done to much work on it. But here it is anyways: Celestia. I am pretty happy in the fact that I just need to setup three more things: my printer, my Palm and configure that pesky SQL server.

Have to run now.