Clubbing In the Courthouse – Part 1

Today I had to go to a summons.  I’m grateful for living in a country with a “fair” judicial system, and I’m not going to try to avoid my “civic” “obligations”.  But it bothers me, why our dear tax-money fed bureaucrats can’t organize things properly.  I see no valid excuse why to flagrantly wasting people’s time by asking until the judges and lawyers graciously call us in.  Could such a waste of time and productivity not be fixed with a bit of advanced scheduling?  For one this would help the economy, and social morale.  It this waiting seems something of a hangover from ancient times, when the nobles could simply “ask” the peasants to put their lives on hold.  Or am I missing something?

Why not small pools of potential jurors?  Or calling them in at appropriate times?  Why ask to place things on hold in a systemic manner?