Your Shipment of Fail Has Arrived

Today I am producing and delivery shipments of fail.  Late, missing meetings, missing the point, having to reschedule due to my perception of time (or the lack of more accurately) et cetera.  I have exceeded my expectations of how absent minded one can be.  So apologies to everyone.  Today is not going according to any well thought out plan.  I am just hoping I can clean up my act and start thinking straight today.

Today I am thankful that my coworkers are patient and understanding.  And I am really glad that the project at work is going forward.  Even when one of the team member clearly suffering from two left clown feet syndrome.

The rest of the universe is in working better than I am.  Cisco gave up trying to irritate the FSF.  My favourite free software projects are still there and churning out wonderous code.  The Tamil Tigers and their civil war may start to fade into the annals of history.  The markets refuse to stop irritating the interventionsit governments.  Today more than yesterday looks toward a brighter, saner future.  Either that or I finally lost it and am a hopeless optimist even when I myself is not up to par.