Worn Out

Not much to update today.  Yesterday wore me out emotionally.  (Gasp!  He still has feelings!  Oh no!)  So I didn’t get much done.  Today I’m half-tired and half-motivated.  The motivation is really for all the wrong reasons.  I just want to prove to the majority of people how wrong they are about me.  And rub it in their face.  Hard.

Anyways, nothing much going on.  It sucks when reality whispers in your ear, “Nothing has changed.”  Even when you hoped it did.  I’m not sure whether to try harder.  Or just stop caring.  Either way… just another day.

As a Tree Grows, So Does One

In the headlong rush that my week or rather month turned out to be, I failed to notice it. From the parking lot that begins my morning commutes, I just noticed a beautiful tree growing at the side of the street. Thin, olive green leaves sprouting out of gnarled, weathered grey bark, and everything in contrast with the dark grey overcast sky. I’d take a picture, but it is hard to blindly aim a mobile webcam.

I wouldn’t of noticed this tree, if I hadn’t maken time to walk to my bus stop. Rather than engaging in a mad desperate morning dash, I walked. By walking, I could notice things. But only if I knew where to look or by nearly running into them. So it is with life.

The endless stream of tasks, deadlines, wants and desires often takes precedence over the great beautiful things in life. Like a tree, the good things grow on the side. Take a moment, notice them and observe them. You will feel peace.