Recovery and 15 Minutes Writing Sprints

As I sat down to do some writing I couldn’t have expected it to happen.  I had 15 minutes to kill, and so I thought that I would just fire up the current chapter I was working on.  The rain ended my plans for a walk.  But this I didn’t imagine.  I didn’t imagine all my writing work disappearing… instead being replaced by a logged chat.  Totally weird.  Fortunately I managed to unzip the ODT, and recover the content by extracting bits of text out of an XML file.  Well instead of working on the next part of the chapter, I had recover my work.  Bummer.  Anyways, after doing so I uploaded a copy of my work to Google Docs for safe keeping.  So remember kids, backup, backup and mirror!

Anyways I’m experiementing with writing my novel in short 15-20 minute bursts.  I’m hoping this lead to more output, in a short period of time.  We’ll see how it goes.