All are Accounted For

Got up and hit the ground running. Again. This time thanks to my lovely younger brother and way of staying up late. Had to help (read as: do for) him with a science project which he had due today, and six months to do but started a week ago with the only real progress two days ago. Needless to say I had to perform a minor miracle. And even had time to compose two ‘songs’ yesterday.

So work started off slow and tired. Fortunately that wore off later on with the help of a coffee and two cokes. Still its a pain. Anyhow I survived without too trouble.

To my complete and total surprise when I returned from work; I found a large group of people outside my house on or near my front porch. They turned out to be the family of my Mom’s friend, Mrs. Jakie Rollo’s friends. They were from Massachusetts and were involved with (St.) Michaels society. Anyhow they stayed at my house for awhile, invited me to a barbecue at Mrs. Rollo’s house (yummy salmon) and chatted about religion, economy, social credit, cars, aircraft simulators, & the rest of the universe. Interesting folks.

Went home and got to sleep late. Again. Tomorrow hell will come..