What I Am Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving, at least in Canada. You Americans, will have to wait for few more days. This year I want to thank a number of people for this and past years.

Thank you to my classmates and writing friends in my Professional writing classes, for helping edit and improve my writing pieces. Thank you, Prof. Guy Allen for guiding my editing and shaping my philosophy about communication. Thank you Prof. Arnold Rosenbloom, for inspiring me and widening my horizons in computer science. Thank you Prof. Charles Rackoff for putting up with my ignorance of formal computational theory, and showing me the formal world of cryptography. Thank you Prof. Sherril Hook for helping me discover the importance of libraries, and cataloguing and accessing information. Thank you Prof. Jeremy Sills, your classes have been always some of the most fun, enjoyable and intellectually provocative ones. And thank you, my classmates and fellow sufferers in Computer Science. You inspired me to continue through CS, even when I got lost hope in ever finishing my degree.

Thanks Danny for working with me on a number of university and volunteer projects, and putting up with my shenanigans while I matured as both a programmer and a person. Thanks Rudy & Albert for all the comedy. Thanks Amanda for teaching me how to use verbs. Thanks Rosie for being my Christian voice in university. Thanks Kat & Megan for all the anime and good times together. Thanks Mr. Nick Nolfi for all the trouble you gave me in high school. Thanks Domenic for all the guidance and friendship through the years. Thanks Dmitri for helping survive high school with endless talks about gaming, god and hacking. Thanks Laura for giving me hope and love.Thanks Mom and Dad, for your endless support and love. Thanks Martin for being my crazy bro.

Thanks to may more, who helped shape and influence my life. You are too numerous to list, but your ideas and acts have made my life a better one.

And thanks you God. Without You, none of this would of been possible.