First Night of Work

Well, so it has begun. Shift work. Not very impressed but a bit more enthusiastic then last year. Actually I feel a bit tired now but was because of the day being busy.

So lets recount what I have done. Washed some dishes, vacuumed the house, mopped the kitchen and bathroom, and placed the garbage and recycling on the curb. Right after breakfast (which I had made) I adorned the kitchen table with some freshly cut tulips from the garden.

By that time it was 13:00 and I felt worn out already. But I persevered and made lunch, a herbal hand-soak for Mom and printed out the legal statement (which I had finally completed a while ago). To top it all I hung out the laundry.

A mad scramble to get ready for work ensued. I just managed to be there on time. And more or less ready. Now that I am here, I have to undergo a bit of training for the new safety procedures that have been put into place recently. Yay… So exciting.

The only highlight of the day is meeting nice girl at work today. And guess what her name is Katherine. Don’t worry Katerina, your still the most important for me. And I really do miss you.