Reaching for the Stars

I’ve always dreamed of going to space.  I remember watching space shuttle launches and the Astronomer series on TV, when I was much younger.  Those inspired me to hopefully one day go out into the cold void of the cosmos.  My dreams unfortunately so far have kept me away from celestial matters.  I have few chances of physically flying into orbit as an astronaut.  I’d have to first become a millionaire, cause I doubt I will join the air force as a pilot or work as a researcher/payload specialist.  Professionally, I could steer my way to getting into robotics and be involved with a unmanned space mission with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories.  Or I could get into astronomy, keeping my feet on my ground and my eyes focused on the cosmos.  Right now however, I can always drive up north.  Leave the big city and its luminous glow, into the wilderness and just enjoy a clear night sky full of stars.

Well maybe as the Matt Aslett of the 451 Group points out: maybe open source will get us into space.  I won’t hold my breathe, but I hope one day I’ll be closer to be out there.

(Aside: Now you can imagine why I enjoy writing a science fiction novel.)