Too Much Trip Planning

Its late, but I feel obligated to post at least a short blog post. I wanted to write the article today, but time did not permit. Hopefully, I will have more time tomorrow.

Anyways, I started the day with the hope of completing a good chunk of the “landscaping” project. But I started late in the day. And then we got a call from Ewa from Poland. The rest of the day shaped out into a long day of buying airline tickets. So its official, I leave for Poland and Italy, late June. No going back now.

Tomorrow, I will try to accomplish all the work I was supposed to today. Too sleepy to think or continue now. Night.

One thought on “Too Much Trip Planning

  1. No going back…
    Italy, one of my favourites. But one needs time, I guess, to get to know that country, to get to like it. At first, my relation with Italy was crazy. I needed time to learn that in order to experience Italy, which for me seems to be the embodiment of the slow pace, I should stop running from one place to another. And then something new started. No going back…

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