Mourning the Loss of My Compatriots

This site is now wearing black, not as a change of style.  No every Pole is in mourning this week, to remember the tragic aircraft crash in Smolensk that killed the president of Poland and many Polish civilian and military leaders.

Saturday morning, I found out about the President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, commanding generals, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Head of the IPN, bishops and crew died when their aircraft crashed in Smolensk.  I watched the footage of firefighters making their way through the strewn wreckage.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was surreal.  I found it out when I got out of bed, and opened up my phone.  I saw one of my friends in Poland writing on her Facebook message, “What a tragedy.”  And I wondered what had happened.  There is it was, the news of tragic passing of so many.

It is tragic, not just sad.  One the anniversary of Katyn, the president and the entire delegation flew to Katyn to take part in the 70th anniversary.  The day before his highness Czar Putin acknowledged Katyn but also brought up a tragic incident where Russians died.  I don’t remember the exact circumstances, it was not like the massacre of Polish officers and intelligensia at the hands of Soviet NKVD.  Every human life lost is a huge loss for humanity.  But taking life with the depravity of Stalin is something inhuman.  The President and the delegation wanted to set the record right, and to celebrate the anniversary properly.  But they never made it…  In a way, the world know nows about Katyn thanks to the tragic incident.

The details of what happened are still being worked out.  The initial reports are that of a terrible accident.  Given the circumstances, and details not reported by the mainstream media… I have my misgivings, especially about how conveniently this terrible event plays into certain interested persons and groups.  What we know for sure at the moment, is that Poland has lost a great deal of important and valuable people.  Let us pray for the repose of their souls, and for comfort and true peace for the people of Poland.

Its Been a While

Wow, its amazing much one can do if one sits down and just concentrates on a single task.  Yesterday proved a rather productive day, in terms of writing correspondences.  Also I managed to get a fair bit of writing and coding done too.  I apologize for everyone who expected me to answer back sooner.  Some days just become busy for no reason.  Some days you put off everything, wishing that somehow procrastination will make the problem go away.  Some days you can finally go forth, wince, and tackle that pile of work that just stacked up.  Tackling yesterday’s pile of put off correspondences was not pleasant.  It was not because I had write anything less than pleasant or controversial.  It just felt that way since I let things slide for the past couple of days.

Anyways, I’m still working to reconnect with people.  I’m still trying to churn out writing that I should of done ages ago.  But now I’m actually seeing some hope that I can get to cracking on one of the big projects.

I have reconnected with Siobhan who I haven’t talked to in ages.  I did sorely miss talking to her.  I’m keeping in touch with old friends, university acquaintances and ex-co-workers.   Or at least trying to.  The hardest people to keep in touch are the ones who I need to communicate in Polish or Italian.  Language can be quite a hurtle, if you don’t feel 100% fluent in it.  But things have to be done, and I’m taking pains to do so.

Too Much Trip Planning

Its late, but I feel obligated to post at least a short blog post. I wanted to write the article today, but time did not permit. Hopefully, I will have more time tomorrow.

Anyways, I started the day with the hope of completing a good chunk of the “landscaping” project. But I started late in the day. And then we got a call from Ewa from Poland. The rest of the day shaped out into a long day of buying airline tickets. So its official, I leave for Poland and Italy, late June. No going back now.

Tomorrow, I will try to accomplish all the work I was supposed to today. Too sleepy to think or continue now. Night.

25th Anniversary of Martial Law in Poland

December 13, 1981. General Wojciech Jaruzelski declared Poland (then still part of the Warsaw Pact) under martial law. The Communist secret service arrested hundreds of Poles. Many died for a free Poland.

25 years later, things have changed slowly. Though many ex-members of the Communist Party, secret service and collaborators still walk freely and some even take up government positions, the sacrifice of many has not gone to waste. The current government is taking great steps to bring those responsible to justice.

I salute those who stood up to the injustice, corruption and evil of the Communist Party. And I thank you for fighting for my country.