Hectic Day

I guess this comes of procrastination and of enjoying one’s weekend.  All that work that accumulates, and now I look in fear at the height of the pile.  What can I say, inbox anxiety is a very real syndrome even if the inbox is virtualized.  The cost of adding to the pile has decreased thanks to the Internet.  The cost of removing the pile and overcoming procrastination remains the same nevertheless.  Today is hectic because I’m trying to cope with a swaying mountain of work.  However I’m posting this not to complain, rather as a way to help the rescuers  find me when the pile finally collapses on my head. 😛

Its Been a While

Wow, its amazing much one can do if one sits down and just concentrates on a single task.  Yesterday proved a rather productive day, in terms of writing correspondences.  Also I managed to get a fair bit of writing and coding done too.  I apologize for everyone who expected me to answer back sooner.  Some days just become busy for no reason.  Some days you put off everything, wishing that somehow procrastination will make the problem go away.  Some days you can finally go forth, wince, and tackle that pile of work that just stacked up.  Tackling yesterday’s pile of put off correspondences was not pleasant.  It was not because I had write anything less than pleasant or controversial.  It just felt that way since I let things slide for the past couple of days.

Anyways, I’m still working to reconnect with people.  I’m still trying to churn out writing that I should of done ages ago.  But now I’m actually seeing some hope that I can get to cracking on one of the big projects.

I have reconnected with Siobhan who I haven’t talked to in ages.  I did sorely miss talking to her.  I’m keeping in touch with old friends, university acquaintances and ex-co-workers.   Or at least trying to.  The hardest people to keep in touch are the ones who I need to communicate in Polish or Italian.  Language can be quite a hurtle, if you don’t feel 100% fluent in it.  But things have to be done, and I’m taking pains to do so.