Why Ubuntu is Important for Me…

So Jono Bacon, Ubuntu community leader (and mister communitizing the community using community tools 😀 )  asks why Ubuntu is important to me.  In my case this would be why is Kubuntu important to me, but then we will be arguing over semantics.

Yes, the freedom Ubuntu brings into my life is one reason why Ubuntu is important to me.  In general I value things free in nature: free will, free markets, freedom of speech, freedom of association, et cetera.  Ubuntu brings me freedom in the software that I use.  The obvious freedoms stem from the free software that makes the Ubuntu ecosystem: the freedom to use as I see fit, the freedom to study and enhance my knowledge of computing, the freedom to modify to my needs, and the freedom to distribute my modifications.  But heck almost every Linux distribution gives me the same freedoms.

What differentiates Ubuntu Linux from other Linux distributions, are the more subtle freedoms.  I have the freedom to setup technology to work the way I want it to work.  Yet I also have the freedom of having the technology actually work.  I have the freedom to choose between free and *gasp* non-free software.  I have the freedom to access and install applications from one of the largest package repositories, aside from Debian.  I have the freedom to choose where I get excellent support, from the community or from Canonical.  I have the freedom of which architecture I want to run on.  In essence, I have the freedom to use my computing resources as I see fit.  You can’t get this on a Windows PC or a Mac.

The other reason Ubuntu is important is the reason why Ubuntu is so successful: the people involved.  Without the strong, friendly community, the responsive developers and enlightened leaders in and around Ubuntu, this distribution would not exist.  So thank you, all of you involved with Ubuntu.  Thank you for your time, your effort, your contributions and your sense of humanity.